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eNet Advertising has the expertise you need to get local referrals. By owning your own local directory you can get local leads for your business easily! Call us or fill out the form on the right to learn how you can start today!

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How It Works

With our new directory system, eNet Advertising has put the capability of running a local web-based West Chester, PA directory into your hands! Be the first in your region, county, or town to get your hands on the best domain available to start your project!

eNet Advertising will be there with you every step of the way - we will purchase the domain name, deal with your hosting company or registrar, provide you with hosting if you do not have it, set up all of the back-end databasing, and troubleshoot for you as your directory matures.

Your website comes with pre-set graphics, which you can edit in the backroom. Also included are custom API's which fill your directory with local businesses, arranged by category. Your advantage is that you and only you get to decide what shows up in the listings - you are the Publisher and Editor!

Are you a West Chester, PA Real Estate Agent? An Insurance Salesman? A dedicated Restaurant? Did you know you could be the main attraction of a local West Chester, PA directory?

Our Service is Unique

We have been running our own directories for years, and have now been able to bring this ability to you. With our experience providing organic SEO services for years coupled with high-end web design we are able to give you a directory which you control from a backroom.

Our staff has ran directories for years. Our staff studies the Google algorithms and we specialize in writing keyword content. In short, we take the extra measures that other SEO companies aren't willing to offer you. Other agencies tend to be secretive about their techniques and do not want their clients' involvement in the process. Unlike them, our goal has always been to keep our clients well informed about the process and to develop a customized approach with you that best fits your business.


More Details

At less than $2,000, owning your own directory has never been so affordable! Mobile versions available for an additional fee. Additional Customization work can be done for $37.50 an hour. Your monthly hosting and maintenance fee is based on hosting and traffic activity.

West Chester, PA Leads

If you choose to leave us, (30 day notice required) you retain ownership of your URL and all files, but you lose your hosting service. All API's will be disabled.

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