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Why Own a Directory?

  • Brand yourself with Your Own Directory
  • You own and maintain your own advertising machine.
  • Directories drive targetted traffic to your business.
  • No need for recurring advertising fees.
  • Build a revenue stream from local advertisers.
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Delware Valley Direct

Quick, Easy Start-Up

With our exclusive directory system, we have put the capability of running a local web-based directory into your hands! eNet's unique system allows quick, painless directory start-up. We can customize a directory targeted towards your consumers in your geographic region.

Easy, Business Auto-Fill

Your directory can come configured to AUTOMATICALLY fill in business info. There is no need to spend hours searching the internet and manually typing in business information. This doesn't mean you can't add and edit business information if you'd like. You maintain complete control over what businesses are included on your directory and which information is shown.

Targeted Directories

If your business is geared towards a specific consumer base, we can customize your directory for specific topics. For example, Favorite Contractors was designed and developed for one specific category.

General Traffic Directories

Is your business geared towards consumers of all interests? No Problem! We have an extensive set of pre-populated categories that will generate traffic from consumers of all interests. Check out Chester County Direct for an example of one of our directories targeting consumers of all interests. Directories like this are great if you want to push traffic to your site, generate sales leads, or make a profit selling advertising space to other businesses.

You can feature local businesses in the following categories:

Note: Icons link to a Sample Directory

Check Out Some of our Most Popular Directories

Our most popular directories generate lots of targeted traffic, score well, and some are even available for sale! Just contact us to talk about pricing.

How to Monetize Your Local Directory

If you want other local businesses to use your services, give them a high profile listing in your directory. They will come to you and refer your business to their clients in return for helping them be found on your directory. The more data your directory will contain, the more people will find it. Then businesses will be very much inclined to hop on board.

How hard is it to get insurance and real estate business referrals?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! First, we have a meeting where we discuss how you wish to personalize your directory, a deposit is made, we build the directory, and it is launched upon final payment. After that, it's up to you to foster business relationships with business in your area. Giving them a prominent position in your listings, you will invite those business to refer you to their clients.

Partnership Opportunities

Having a local directory creates excellent networking opportunities for your insurance or real estate business. You can start a Networking Group made out of businesses you feature on the site, which will expand your opportunity for referrals.

Comprehensive Platform

eNet Advertising has developed a Comprehensive Directory Content Management System (CMS) so you can be fully in control of your directory. Your Directory will have a password protected back room, in which you can add/delete companies, assign sponsors, and manage coupons.

Multiple Users

Your Directory can have many users, with local business owners being able to log into their own profile on your directory. Click here to see how local busineeses can use your directory.

Incredible Value

There are many things that can cause a website to do well. We give you the advantage of not having to worry about the coding and focus solely on building out the data. We use a model that has been built and tested over many years and are able to adapt this model to your specific needs.

More Details

Because we can modify these websites quickly and efficiently, the prices are very reasonable. This does not mean that you will be receiving anything less than a professional, quality site. All the domains will be properly optimized to be found by search engines, so generating traffic will not be a challenge.

There are more than 3,000 counties in the United States. Our goal is to make a comprehensive, unified set of directories that are available to everyone in the country. Using this model, we believe that it is possible to improve thousands of successful insurance and real estate businesses.

A Unique Look and Feel

Not every county looks the same and their web site should not either. That's why we take the look and feel of your individual county. We apply it to your site using advanced color theory and beautiful imagery that is unique to your area. We normally look for a single photo that is iconic to your county and use that as a base for the site.

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